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    Rpoints Legend richard@
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    New, improved posting of offers

    As many of you know, since last year Rpoints has offered what still seems to be a unique proposition on the web:

    Post details of an offer (for an Rpoints partner site and using our form)and you will get a referral bonus equivalent to 10% of the points earned by everyone clicking through your link - no time limit!

    The "new offer" form has been changed as follows:

    - When you want to post a new offer for an Rpoints partner site, visit http://www.rpoints.com/newoffer/ (If you click "Post new topic" in the Offers & Bargains forum it will automatically take you here)

    - You start by selecting the Rpoints partner from a dropdown list

    - If offers have already been posted for your chosen site, it shows you the most recent ones so you can check whether the same offer has already been submitted (we don't want duplicates)

    - If this offer hasn't been posted before, you click through to the usual form. But the site and category will have been selected for you. It will also tell you if it's possible to create a link to a specific page. If not, there is no need to enter a web address

    Overall, this should make it quicker and easier to submit offers and avoid duplication.

    Note that freebies, competitions and offers for non-Rpoints sites will no longer be submitted using this form. You just use the normal "Post topic" method

    Hope you like this improvement

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    Contributor Herby will become famous soon enough
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    Let me be the first to say thanks for this improvement!

    Great work again!

    Things just get better and better!
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    Expert steve@Rpoints
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    Sheer Genius!

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