Got 5 spare minutes, you can help raise funds for Comic Relief

PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE MESSAGE - All the details are there on the web page

What you have to do
Step 1 (one time only): Create your own unique digital wallet (no personal details required)

Step 2 : When ever you have some time go to the different sites on the earn cash page and enter your own unique digital address, a Captcha and the press the Claim button. (Note the claim button will called by different names on different pages. Some sites have adverts that are disguised as claim buttons. Do not click those but find the right button). Money will be sent to either your digital wallet or it may be transferred into a temporary store wallet and later sent to your main wallet.

Step 3: Send the Money to the special Comic Relief Wallet which is a DogeCoin Wallet at the address given. Do not use this address to collect money on the sites but create one of your own.

Do Help as every penny counts.