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    Pls Read Before Posting.. Pinecone, Ipods, Netbux & More

    Right the forum is getting messy, so ive taken all the sticky's and made this


    Please no more Pinecone links to be posted, this is a request from Pinecone.

    All future links and posts will be removed.

    No More Free IPods, IMACS, Zens. Mobile Phones, Y Fronts,etc

    As pointed out in the freebie forum by dogbasket we will not allow any of the free offerings:

    NO free ipod posts
    NO free phones
    NO free zens
    NO free ferraris
    NO free anything (of this nature, if it looks like one of the above sites I will remove and hunt you down....and set globbits, dogbasket and Richards pet hamster fluffy on you )

    Netbux Posting And You.

    This is the latest money making spin doing the rounds it has been posted multiple times see:


    Matrix schemes ruled dodgy


    so don't post them.

    note, this is Pulsematrix.com and phones4everyone (at themobilematrix.com

    No more further posts, if you post it, it will be removed.


    Any further make money from Paypal posts, we will ban you! So don't post them.

    If you are new and start spamming us, note the following will apply

    Members of Rpoints will flame you
    We will ban you
    Also we will releash the mighty anger of dogbasket's fluffy bunny on you!

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    Re: Pls Read Before Posting.. Pinecone, Ipods, Netbux &

    Ok, can we stop all this PM me for further details stuff!!

    Be open and honest, if you can't be open and honest on a open thread I have more reason not to trust you, other members will also mistrust you.

    Declare what you get out of it, plain and simple.

    If I see anymore PM me I will pull the thread, end of.
    if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck it probably is a duck

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    We are seeing an increase in attempts to work around the Rules for posting links in this forum lately.


    - disguised affiliate or referral links, using URL forwarding or custom registered domain names etc. If you're caught doing this your links or posts will be removed and you will likely be banned.

    - links to sites or portals which are loaded with affiliate links to Rpoints partners. Linking such sites isn't allowed and any such posts will be treated the same as breaking the rules against posting non-Rpoints and competitor links directly in the forum. Again, if you post links to these sites then your links or posts will be removed and repeat offenders will be banned.

    We really want to continue the opportunity to plug your sites here for FREE but please always remember to ensure that the links and sites you post meet the forum rules.

    If you have any doubt whether your site is suitable for plugging here then please contact a moderator before posting -- thankyou!


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