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Garlik is a new company that enables consumers to find and understand what personal information is in the public domain about them and manage how their identities appear online. This is done through an online service called Garlik DataPatrol Advanced

DataPatrol Advanced is a new monthly monitoring service that finds, tracks and monitors personal information online. It's a simple and effective way for consumers to protect their privacy and identities, as well as an early warning system against identity fraud and personal data breaches.

DataPatrol Advanced tracks personal data across four billion web pages, key public records and data sources as well as credit files - alerting customers to any changes to their online profile as well as highlighting any risks or suspicious activity. Using Garlik DataPatrol Advanced and taking the actions that it recommends can significantly reduce the risks of identity theft and privacy problems .

Data Patrol Advanced costs only £9.99 per quarter giving customers access to six credits reports per year, regular risk assessments and other valuable benefits.