You can earn money back rewards called Ffrees Savings Points on your day to day spending with the Ffrees Visa Debit Card.

Each Ffrees Savings Point is worth £1 they also pay a 2% bonus
The card offers money back rewards every time you spend with selected Ffrees shopping partners this includes supermarkets and high street stores. The card comes free with the Ffrees Current Account.

All you have to do is pay £100 a month to run the account free otherwise it's £2 per month.

More info: (better explained in a nutshell in point 3 of landing page quoted below)

3. Save automatically in your Ffrees Savings Account
  • The Ffrees savings Points you earn go automatically into your Ffrees Savings Account.
  • Each Ffrees savings Point is worth £1.
  • You can see the Ffrees savings Points you have earned by logging in to your MyFfrees dashboard.
  • When you have 100 Confirmed Ffrees in your Ffrees Saving Account, we pay a Bonus of 2% of the balance of your Ffrees Savings Account.
  • You get this bonus annually, providing you've earned 100 Ffrees in the previous 12 months.
  • The bonus is increased to 3% if you use your Ffrees Card 100 times in the year.
  • You can withdraw your Ffrees Savings Points in cash by visiting your Ffrees dashboard, providing you have 10 confirmed Ffrees (minimum withdrawal £10).
This is a list of partners:

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