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  • My C shares have been converted to B shares

    30 65.22%
  • My Totalise shares have been converted to C shares

    6 13.04%
  • I had no Totalise shares

    1 2.17%
  • I had Totalise shares but I won't claim Tspeak shares

    2 4.35%
  • I had Totalise shares and I plan to claim Tspeak shares

    7 15.22%
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Thread: Tspeak B shares

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    Enthusiast brax
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    Nov 2000
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    Can't do it in words of one syllable.

    He won't thank me for suggesting this, but try contacting xavenger by private message (pm).

    Scroll back to the first page of this thread to find him.

    I think you may be too late, but try it anyway.

    Two stages - get the C shares, then enroll with whatever program it takes to ensure a conversion to B shares. They're the ones that count.

    He was very helpful to me when I had the same problem (and was getting bogged down with the Customer Service department which seemed to making heavy weather of the thing).


    The patient investor

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    Junior Member ajas2
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    Jan 2004
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    Many thanks Brax for the reply.

    To my surprise, I received an amended share certificate last week, crediting me with my Class C shares that I feared had been lost. (These were the ones originally issued as Totalise shares in paper form, and never held in the Totalise Nominee Service.)

    Better still I got my Class B certificate just now, having converted my shares using the new Option 5 for conversion.

    Thanks to everyone behind the scenes for a refreshingly satisfactory service!

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    Enthusiast brax
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    Nov 2000
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    Ah yes, Option 5.


    Next customer, please.
    The patient investor

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    Junior Member wrighty
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    May 2002
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    I've applied for a marbles card, just last week...

    I'm hoping I'm not too late.....

    I've been on here before, I'm the one that keeps my INTERMUTUAL card close to my heart...!! in my wallet....

    I'd been chatting to a couple of mates, they too are Totalise users and have continued to dial up tot for years, using the 1p/m service...

    I have always used Totalise...

    Spent many a happy hour reading the posts on III....

    But somehow some of these didn't get the share conversion email...

    ( or that's what I've been told.... )
    then again you get so much SPAM these days its very easy to delete the wrong message....

    They too are appyling for a marbles card....

    I would have signed up for broadband, but I'm too far away from the EXCHANGE!

    Is their any deadline for the share conversion?




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