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    Here's some tips for you.

    Ignore all tips (except this one)
    Don't invest in something you don't understand ( the reason you aren't understanding is because a vital fact has been omitted)
    In the long run most of the returns in equity come from dividends not capital gains
    All investment involves risk,invest only what you can afford to lose
    Short term trading is an excellent way to give all your money to a broker
    Experts are simply plausible liars
    if your first investment is a success you will get carried away with your sense of infallibility
    if your first investment is a flop think of it as a training fee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crabman
    I've never looked at shares before so wouldn't know where to go (though I'm interested, not serious, yet) - found "The Share Centre" and "Hoodless Brennan" with different fee structures, any other recommendations?
    I use Hoodless Brennan. Would hightly recommend them - very competitive and efficient.


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