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Thread: Quickest Browser

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    Expert bluzysuzy is a jewel in the rough bluzysuzy is a jewel in the rough bluzysuzy is a jewel in the rough bluzysuzy is a jewel in the rough
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    I don't know it so much the browser you use but more to do with your general computer maintenance, I find Chrome a bit too bouncy and still prefer Firefox.

    Since I downloaded System Mechanic my computer is back like a new one, everything loads faster. I'm a terrible tinkerer so I find the numerous tools great to play with. I found disc scrubber excellent, which reclaims disc space back from all the files and photo's you've ever deleted, deep memory reviver, registry and disc defrag and loads more including Anti virus with daily updates you can set how often if you prefer.

    If you try it you may want to adjust some settings and turn off real time shield updates ect. The all in one care tool will go through everything and do it it all. It also checks for driver updates which can take a while so best run at night just tick auto shut down. Notice when you run it, it may take a minute or so to load as it assesses your computer status. You get a key emailed but I didn't need to use it, 30 days free trial for unique emails.

    More info here: http://download.cnet.com/System-Mech...2_4-43409.html

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    From a web developers perspective chrome is a a bit a liar, they served cached files.

    Now i know all browsers do but chrome less frequently checks for updates on a site the result being the user viewing a old page, unless specific tags are inserted into the website. This gives it an illusion of speed.

    Internet Explorer is slow and terrible , it doesnt play well with many websites , JavaScript and coding in incompatibilities for which there are fallback's but you would never know you arent viewing the site as originally designed. Microsft tried to resolve this with Edge but that and Windows 10 which is so heavily dependant on conectivity to function makes for a disaster for the average user.

    Safari seems to be doing what it can to be non compliant with anything that is google related which just , and its just a slow browser with a rally bad interface but thats my personal opinion i am biased.

    Firefox to me is middle ground its not the fastest , it has a few compatibility issues but it doesnt have the cache issues of chrome. Its developer tools are more accurate than chrome or that of safari.

    There is no perfect browser to be honest , it just depends on what you need as the user.



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