Maybe you already won some coupons with the recent Facebook promotion (which is still running) or bought a pizza to claim the £10 of Dr Oetker coupons? They're the same coupons however you get them... here's a quick reminder that the first coupon is now valid for £1 off a Dr Oetker pizza!

The pizzas still have the offer to claim more coupons on sale until the end of May (claims must be made by September) and there are no restrictions on how many sets of coupons you can claim (it says so in the T&Cs, you only need to register once and can then do multiple claims)!

You can buy a pizza today and get £10 of coupons which as a minimum includes 1 free pizza coupon. If you already have a £1 coupon then you can pay £1 less for your pizza so you could pay as little as just 29p because they're currently half price or less in major supermarkets!

Morrisons £1.29 each
Tesco £1.39 each
Sainsbury's £1.40 each

So with each pizza you pay very little and get a coupon for 1 more free plus more savings throughout the year!

Don't forget to keep your coupons to redeem during their validity dates. The 'free pizza' coupon isn't valid until March next year. If you lose your coupons then you can get them replaced (but only once and only 1 set of replacements per account).