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    SO if you a) have to spend £25 and b) take out insurance, how is this £50 for free?
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    Re: Check the excess fees!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by meraip
    Sometimes the cheaper the price or vouchers but the excess on the insurance is at excesses to any claim you would have to pay in case of a claim.. Always try to reduce the excess to zero or lowest amount. The extra fee will always outweigh 2-5 years worth of insurance in case of a claim. Use the same for principle for hiring a car. eg car hire GBP70 excess zero or car hire GBP50 excess GBP300? Always go for GBP 70 insurance as it far outweighs the lower price. Always ask for the excess amount to compare. I hope this helps!

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    always is a tough call, £20 per car hire, is recouped if you hire cars for a total of 15 days per crash (I would hope to have an accident less frequently than 1 per 15 days - if I didn't I think they'd quickly stop giving me hire cars or insurance).

    For the more realistic case of a yearly insurance policy it's a gamble, you play the relative costs (yearly extra to excess), to the odds of claiming (note that the insurance actuaries set the cost based on the same gamble) and make a decision based on your personal circumstances.

    I choose to pay the lesser amount (knowing I keep savings to pay the excess if necessary), others may prefer the comfort factor.

    PS - asking for ratings is definitely bad practice - don't do it.

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    I'd also always go for motorists legal cover, which is usually only around £15 extra. If you take that and have a no-fault claim they can sue the other party to reclaim your excess. Well worth it, plus that's not the only benefit.


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