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    Contributor kriscros
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    48 Pack Wispa £ 24.00 or less with coupon

    Some things are best left in the past ... but not these. Back by popular demand this is a limited run of the famous Wispa bar from the 1980's.

    Available in cartons of 48 bars, these are a real retro treat and a great hand out for friends, family and colleagues.

    IMPORTANT: PLEASE NOTE due to the BIG demand the online shop is 'temporarily out of stock'. However if you wish to place an order we will send it to you as soon as we receive our new stock.


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    Contributor Yossarian
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    You can buy these individually in any average newsagents for between 40 and 45p.
    Not the greatest deal ever posted on Rpoints...

    If you bought them for 4p each you'd be even with the "Deal" price you're adverstising with the 10% voucher despite them being out of stock (minus 2.5% rpoints which equates to 24p!).
    If you get them for any less then you're better off buying from a newsagents.
    "I tingle."

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    Enthusiast Yabbadabbadoo will become famous soon enough Yabbadabbadoo will become famous soon enough
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    These are often on offer for 3 for £1 at woolies aswell.


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