Remote Control X-Plane R/C Spy Plane+Digital Camera reduced to £39.99

Remote Control X-Plane R/C Spy Plane + Digital Camera by Silverlit

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Price: £39.99

is extraordinary X-Plane Remote Control Spy Plane is an ideal entry level aircraft as its easy flying controls and tough construction makes it perfect for both kids and adults that still wish they were kids!

It requires very basic 5-10 minute assembly; involving mainly securing the wings to the fuselage with the quick-fasteners supplied, clicking the wheels in place, and most importantly sticking on the 'anti radar' stickers to make sure you're the envy of any onlookers.

The instruction manual will provide you with 'pre-flight training skills', and for a more extensive pre-flight briefing, the video CD supplied will prepare you for the hours of fun to come.

The plane will take off from a 5-10 metre smooth surface, or is very easily hand launched if you're in a park or bumpy field. It's powerful tail-mounted electric motor quickly powers it into flight, and once airbourne the plane is extremely easy to fly and forgiving to the novice pilot.

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