Win Catwaezle, Torchy The Battery Boy and The Press Gang DVDs in the free and
easy to enter competition on the radio show and podcast BFBS Multimedia.

If you haven't got into podcasting yet, it's free content for your computer/mp3 device/mobile phone etc.

To enter the competition, see

To start getting free podcasts, download and install the latest iTunes free from

(TIP: after you've installed it, go to Edit/Preferences click on the advanced tab, then on the importing tab.
Change Import Using to MP3 encoder and change setting to Higher Quality 192kbps.
Make sure Play songs when importing is NOT ticked, but Create Filenames with track number IS ticked.
This will ensure you create high quality MP3 files rather than Apple's proprietary AAC files if you encode a CD)

Open iTunes, click on Podcasts, then Podcast Directory at the bottom of the page.
Put BFBS Multimedia into the podcast search box and go.

Once you've found the show click subscribe, and it'll be delivered to you free each month.

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But do browse - there are thousands of them!

All the best

Mark P