HP COLOUR LASERJET 1600 £112 Delivered

Dimensions Height=18.0cm Depth=38.0cm Width=45.0cm
Manufacturer Warranty Standard 1 Year Warranty
600 x 600 dpi Print resolution The greater the Dots Per Inch (DPI) the more detailed the image.
8 pages per minute - mono Max number of pages printed in black and white per minute Higher PPM (pages per minute) means faster printing
USB connection The cable required for connecting to a PC or laptop.
8 pages per minute - colour Maximum number of colour pages printed per minute Higher PPM (pages per minute) means faster printing
250 sheet feed capacity The maximum number of sheets of paper the printer can hold. Look for a greater number if you are printing large of docu ments at a time.
4 Amount of colour(s) The more colours a printer has the better. Lots of colours are advisable for realistic photos as more colours improve t he quality. The benefits can be clearly seen on landscapes and skin tones whre there are lots of the same colour in th e photo.
Requires printer cable You will be offered a printer cable when you ADD TO BASKET
A4 maximum print size The maximum size of paper the printer is able to print on.
4 inktank(s) The number of separate cartridges that the prnter can use to print at any one time. More inktanks are generally better if you are going to print a lot of the same colour as you on ly need to replace the one cartridge.
Two sided printing .
18.4 kg Weight .
370x453x407 cm Dimensions .
Windows Vista compatible