PNY 8GB Twin Pack Optima High Speed SD HC Card £16.99 Free Delivery

High reliability and low consumption makes the PNY Secure Digital the ideal companion for digital applications:
SD Optima High Capacity & High Speed Card
Speed: Class 4
Operating consumption 150mA max
Write protect switch
Data Retention 1000,000 hours
High recommended upgrade for SLR digital cameras
High recommended tool to shoot continuous pictures
High speed allowing minimum click to click time
SPI mode Compatible
Incorporates SDMI (Secure Digital Music Initiative) encryption technology for improved protection of copyrighted data and music. Meets artists' requirements, contents owners and offers greater data security for users
Reusable without loss of quality
100% compatible with all devices using SD Secure Digital cards
5 years warranty

PNY Optima High Capacity & High Speed SD card is designed for the budding and professional photographer!

A high reliability, low power consumption and super fast transfer from card to PC this really is the only card you should have in your performance camera!

National Geographic recommends PNY Optima SDHC when it comes to digital photography and they certainly know how to take a picture!

PNY SD Optima have been designed to be used on high end digital cameras and video-recorder with a higher than 4Mpixels resolution.

Optima technology offers faster data transfer and optimizes the device functionalities dealing faster with the device buffer memory content. Optima flash cards enable applications such as video or continuous shooting.