We did a blind test of Pringles Salt and Vinegar versus Aldi SnackRite Stackers salt and vinegar with seven people in our family.

6/8 assigned the wrong brand to the product, thinking that the Snack Rite Stackers were the Pringles (and vicevera).

All contestents agreed that the SnackRite Stackers were thicker, with more structure, while the Pringles were lighter.

Both have strong vinegar taste, the Aldi SnackRide have a slightly sweeter aftertaste with a note of Paprika.

5/8 didn't have any preferance.
1/8 preferred Pringles
2/8 preferred Aldi SnackRide

The packaging diameter and lids look identical.
Aldi Snack Ride Stackers 165g for 89p, Pringles tubes are larger.