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    Enthusiast BargainBob
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    Credit Crunch Wii Fit on offer and able to pay up at Good price

    Longer delivery just hopefully before Christmas( better than 12 wks). £79 But watch out for the many discount codes. These can make this a great offer.You may get it cheaper than £69 depending on which code you use.
    Also option to pay up, which may be a good offer for families leading up to Christmas.

    Nintendo Wii fit with Wii balance board
    Enjoy more than 40 exercises designed to help you improve balance and posture, alter your BMI or just relax. Track the progress of everyone who uses Wii Fit with the Wii Fit Channel. Try a huge range of exercises that include Yoga, Balance, Games, Muscle Workouts and Aerobic Exercises - selecting your favourites to ensure every exercise session is fun! Age 3 years+.
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    Cat No: PU4541C

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    Contributor snkz
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    I doubt you will get it before Christmas from these guys. They do not base their delivery dates on anything logical it seems.


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