(DS) Ankh: Curse Of The Sacrab King £9.99 Delivered

Ankh: Curse Of The Sacrab King

Egypt - in times immemorial. The young Assil is confronted with a problem. After a prohibited party in a pyramid he caught a curse of death from the recently buried Scarab King. As if that wasn't enough, he unintentionally comes into possession of Ankh, the symbol of life. By means of this, the god of the dead, Osiris, wants to find an entry to the world of living. With the Ankh around his neck, Assil sets off to ask the Pharaoh for help, because only the godlike ruler himself will be able to abolish the curse of death. In no time at all, Assil trips up into the wildest adventure that Egypt has ever seen.

Numerous lovingly arranged and diversified locations, that will carry you off to the amazing Egyptian world
A multitude of odd characters putting life into the world of the game with their own animations
Glamourous intermediate sequences with thrilling dolly shots
An easy beginning and varied riddles will provide for long-lasting fun game
Loaded with black humour