(DS) Boogie £6.99 Delivered


Special Features

Boogie in 3D - Play Boogie in 3D with the special glasses enclosed with each box.

Make your Boog a Star - Choose between one of five Boogs, each with its own unique dancing style, then customise with 500+ clothing options and do-it-yourself decal creation.

Become a Boogie Master - Play through all five storylines and accomplish all eleven ranks of gameplay to unlock songs and earn badges in Career Mode.

Dance It Up with Friends - Challenge up to three friends in Multi-Card Play, or take on one opponent in Single-Card Play.

Fun Mini-Games - Boost your dancing score with 10+ different minigames or play them in your own customised minigame session.
The Music Reigns Supreme - Boogie down to a variety of dance hits, from rock to pop, disco to funk.