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    Expert fisher36
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    (DS) Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day £9.99

    Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day

    The game that launched a new generation of gamers is back. Based on the theories of neuroscientist Dr. Kawashima, Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day contains all-new activities to challenge a player’s gray matter.


    The title is a series of trainings designed to give the brain a workout. The 17 new, engaging activities are all designed to help work the brain. Whether players are playing simple songs on a piano keyboard or monitoring the photo finish of a footrace, they’ll love this new mental workout.
    When starting a new game, players take a series of tests and get a score that shows how old their brain is. This number is called the ''DS Brain Age.'' With daily training over weeks and months, players strive to improve their mental acuity and lower their ''DS Brain Age.'' Progress is charted in graph form.
    Players can keep up to four save files on one game card. Sharing a game allows players to engage in a picture-drawing quiz or other challenges with family and friends. Players also can use DS Download Play to send a demo to friends or compete with up to 16 players in one of four fun modes.


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    Enthusiast NewYear
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    I assume this is the same as 'More Brain Training' which is excellent, and a great price at £9.99.
    Although it is very addictive, especially the Germs game, included as a relaxing program not a brain training one - which is a variation on Tetris.

    My 6 year old plays it all the time.

    My only wish is that it would record high scores on the different levels though.

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    Contributor happymember
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    It's £11.99 when u click the link??

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    Moderator nina_c79
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    It’s also worth noting that this is the USA version which means if it’s anything like the other Brain Training game the speech recognition is very dodgy. I can’t remember which one I have but when you play rock paper scissors it can’t seem to understand the British accent, it only works if I change my accent to American.


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