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    Rpoints Legend richard@
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    Official Star Wars Light Saber replica, £25 off

    Available from Gadgetstuff at £99.95
    (prices may vary, check supplier site before ordering)

    This full-size lightsaber is a replica of the one used by Anakin Skywalker in Attack of the Clones, fully licensed by Lucas Films. Beautifully built with a die-cast, polished metal hilt, it produces a strong glow from its electro-luminescent blade, and authentic sounds – power-up, hum, movement (with pitch change), four clash sounds and power down. Rev this up and you'll feel like you're ready to go into battle with Darth Maul.

    We've seen other lightsabers on the market, but make no mistake – this is an OFFICIAL replica, FULLY LICENSED by Lucas Films. If you want the premium product, look no further than this. Don't be fooled into buying some cheapo, tatty and above all unofficial toy that falls apart after five minutes. Less reputable gadget sites might sell these, but we refuse to! This is a collectible item for real Star Wars fans; well-built and durable.
    Toys & Gizmos | All gifts

    Gadgetstuff is an Rpoints partner site. Earn 4% Rpoints rebate on purchases

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    Enthusiast Pazuzu
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    That's a nice item. Think I'd have a problem keeping my 5 year old nephew off it though. Another RF and I might just get one.

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    Rpoints Legend dogbasket.
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    A nice item indeed it is, .. yes. Have many hours of fun using it will you not? Hmmmm?? Tremendous investment it is. Recommend it enough I can not.

    (Using the "Talk Like Yoda" rules:-

    1. Take the first two or three words of a sentence, and just add them to the end. For example: 'You will find what you are looking for' turns into 'Find what you are looking for, you will.'
    2. Rearranging the negative in a sentences works very well. For example: 'I will not help you' turns into 'I will help you not.' Avoiding contractions will help in this -- 'I can't go there' turns into 'Go there, I can not.'
    3. Adding a 'hmmmm...' at the end of an altered question. For example, 'Do you know what I am talking about?' turns into 'Know what I am talking about, do you? Hmmm...?'
    4. Adding a 'yes' to an altered statement. For example: 'You are here for my help' turns into 'Here for my help, you are... yes...' )


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