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    (wii) Namco Museum Remix (14 Games) £9.99 Delivered

    Namco Museum Remix

    Games included in Namco Museum Remix:
    Pac'n Roll Remix - Pac-Man takes a break from chomping and rolls his way to victory instead. Players navigate Pac-Man by rolling him through worlds where he will face deadly obstacles, roll-up classic pac pellets and use awesome power-ups.
    Galaga Remix - With Galaga invaders arriving from the far reaches of space, players must try to shoot down the invading forces and save Pac-Man from ultimate destruction. Up to four-players are able to challenge the oncoming invaders, and scores are tallied for each player.
    Pac-Motos - The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to knocking your opponents off a series of unique and colorful stages all while using the Wii Controller to move, dash and power-up your Pac-Man! Players engage in a small arena where the goal is to knock opponents off while grabbing power-ups and navigating through challenging environments.
    Rally-X Remix - With up to 4 players capable of taking the screen at once, this classic Namco title is brought new life with slick graphics, power-ups and a new intuitive control scheme using the Wii Remote to steer.
    Gator Panic Remix - Gators pose a serious problem and Pac-Man is here to solve it. Players use Pac-Man to whack at emerging gators that appear on screen. The player with the most gator whacks at the end of a match wins!
    Also included in Namco Museum Remix:
    Dig Dug
    Super Pac-Man
    Pac & Pal


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    Contributor umern
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    £21 now


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