If you have a free btinternet, btopenworld or talk21 e-mail address that you haven't checked for awhile, then you might be unaware BT intends to delete all these accounts unless users become paying customers by 14 April 2014.

Existing paying customers will be unaffected; however free users (who may have held these e-mail accounts for nearly 15 years, e.g. talk21 accounts were originally provided to Sky Digital customers to use e-mail with the "Open" platform available with their set top boxes) now have 2 choices to become paying customers and avoid having their accounts deleted:

1) Join BT broadband.

2) Subscribe to BT Premium Mail at a cost of £1.60 per month. If you have an affected account, check your e-mail for a sign-up link that offers the first 12 months free, however remember to cancel at least 28 days in advance if you don't wish to continue beyond the first year. That should provide plenty of time to switch over to a free e-mail provider such as gmail, if you don't wish to pay.