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    Guidelines for Posting

    This is the Mystery Shopping Opportunities Forum, and we welcome Company Reps and Allocators, who might wish to post Work Available here. However, please be sure to read these Guidelines first:

    1. If posting Work Available, you MUST indicate which Company you are acting for; this will ensure that 'scams' and 'spam' can be accounted for. If there's doubt about the Work you are posting, please contact the Moderator first, for clarification.

    2. Contact details must be given on all Work Available posts

    3. Client names must never be used, as these are part of the Confidentiality Clauses of Mystery Shopping work. Instead, use generic names, such as 'Record shop' 'Petrol Station' 'Supermarket' etc

    4. In the main, we would like to concentrate on Work Opportunities that could benefit members here. Feedback in separate threads is welcome though, but it would be appreciated if this is kept on-topic

    5. The Moderators are happy to answer any questions. Please feel free to contact them, if you have any questions.

    6. Fees may not normally be discussed, but Company Reps may mention a fee in their post, if they feel it is beneficial, but only at the discretion of the Moderators. Market Research and Mystery Shopping are jobs that various Companies compete to cover, with as much possible gain as possible. Discussing fees allows other Companies an opportunity to receive privileged information.

    7. If you can help to explain a job scenario, please do not discuss job scenarios in detail, as some job briefings are quite specific and publishing information would possibly reveal sensitive information to outlets/locations that Clients wish to have Mystery Shopped. If the staff recognise a Shopper, the results are void!

    8. Reps and Allocators do receive fees for allocating Work,
    but this is less than a Shopper earns, in most cases.

    Moderators of this Forum are experienced in Mystery Shopping circles and have been involved with running a Mystery Shopping Forum for the last few years, at mysteryshoppersuk.com. None of the Moderators benefits from the work available posts in this forum, apart from the opportunity to apply for Work Available positions that are advertised to all RPoints members.

    PLEASE NOTE: Reps/Companies listed in the MEET THE REPS & ALLOCATORS thread are genuine and will offer real opportunities to members who wish to try Mystery Shopping. If the Company or Rep posting work available does not appear in the MEET THE REPS & ALLOCATORS list, PLEASE CONTACT me asap, so that unsolicited posts from unknown Companies can be verified; unsolicited posts may be removed, awaiting validation. Please be sure to check the company/rep is on the list before applying for work. Many thanks

    All posts in this forum are copyright the author and RPoints

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    UPDATED Guidelines: 10/12/2007

    The Mystery Shopping Opportunities Forum is now open for feedback on respective jobs/companies. The original closed thread has been re-opened and re-entitled 'Precision Research Feedback'.

    If anyone wishes to give feedback, please DO NOT do this in the thread that gives the original Job Opportunity - these original posts are to concentrate solely on the job opportunity being offered. If feedback is deemed necessary, PLEASE START A NEW THREAD IN THE FORUM, headed appropriately.

    Also, please mind your language - please keep it on-topic, friendly and lovely. All critique is welcomed, positive or otherwise, but Moderators will edit any swearwords/obscenities/nude pictures/off-topic and 'fun related' posts. On-topic is the name of the game. Queries applicable to jobs offered may be posted in the OP's thread, but any post falling outside these criteria will be shaved off and inserted into a new thread, headed up as appropriate.

    Any queries, PM me. I'll try to resolve any disputes between members and Companies, if I'm asked. I have no vested interest and no conflict of interest.


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