I will be posting snippets warning about various scams and pitfalls in this Announcement Section, from time to time; these may be discussed in the main sections of this Forum - eg the General Feedback Section - so please feel free to copy/paste into those sections for discussion, if you wish. This section is to warn of various scams, so will often be updated. A very Happy New Year to every Mystery Shopper and Company and may 2008 be profitable for all concerned :P

Warning Scam

Also published by OFT:


Often, you'll see items for sale on Ebay or other websites, advising you how you can supposedly 'profit in Mystery Shopping' - these sites try to sell you the 'tips, secrets and inside knowledge' of the business. Don't fall for it! To take part in Mystery Shopping, you simply need to register - FREE - with as many (or as few) companies as you wish - lists of Companies are available on Google - and keep an eye open for jobs being advertised on these forums; Legitimate Companies DO NOT ASK YOU TO PAY FOR REGISTRATION, so any website that asks you for money in order to 'Become a Mystery Shopper' IS A SCAM: all advice is available freely, by searching Google or asking on the Forum.

This is USA; watch for similar MShopper scams here.