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    Dell offers: Read before posting any!!!

    I'd like to start my post on a positive note, so I'll first thank many of you for your sterling efforts in bringing to our attention some of the best deals and misprices around, recently. I, for one, have ordered a very nice laptop for a great price thanks to the work of Rpointers. Thank you

    However, we do seem to be getting a rash of re-posts of the same offers recently, which is making a lot of work for we moderators. I'm sure everyone would agree that we don't want our forums cluttered with repeat offers, and that the first person to find a deal should get the credit (and promoter points) that are due.

    As such, can I please implore you all to do a search on the forums for at least the latter part of the Dell eValue code (eg D04302a) before posting. This will save you wasting your time posting something I'm just going to have to waste my time removing, then PM'ing you about, to which you have to reply with an apologetic PM, to which I reply with an encouraging PM, which you then delete whilst probably swearing at me.

    Do keep up the good work, though, and keep the great finds coming!

    Thanks very much,

    BangraMonkey EDIT: before posting please check the new summary thread, which can be found here, to see if the evalue code you want to post has already been posted - we would like to keep it to only one thread per e-value code and one e-value code per thread unless there is a large mis-price in which case we will follow arbster's advice:

    Quote Originally Posted by arbster@Rpoints
    My opinion on this is that if the original offer was posted relatively recently, say 3-5 days (moderator's prerogative to be vague) the new price should simply be posted on the original thread. That is unless the new price is massively cheaper than the previous one (heck, more subjective stuff), in which case a new offer can be created.

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    this will be re-written in the next couple of days
    A Monkey is for life, not just for Xmas!

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    A friend is after a Dell, I notice this thread hasn't been updated for a while, so what is the best way to get money off etc?


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    hay there

    I have gone through the article about the most valued laptops for the students when they are going back to school this summer
    so this trend they were placed
    Macbook Pro

    I am great fan of dell but
    what is the reason that Macbook become much popular in the customers,
    any specific reason for that

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    Get one and you'll see. You'll never go back to Windoze.
    the moon smiles when the sea is calm...

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    Thank you so much
    but can you please elaborate this thing that get one and then you will never go to the windows.
    I know that there are so many problems with the windows
    such as windows gets viruses very easily and many more issue
    where mac (Apple MACONTOSH) interface is really cool
    and interactive at the same time and give user friendly work experience
    but it Windows has its own advantages and the apple has its own.
    And no one can deny this
    for sure

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    Enthusiast PatoTheDuck
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    Never used a mac, and if the prices continue I probably never will. I never liked the bang for buck ratio with macs, and being of the poorer persuasion I always opted for the cheap but fast option.

    If you want the definitive answer, ask player what computer(s) he owns.


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