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    Expert fisher36
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    Dell Vostro - Upgrade to a Logitec Cordless Keyboard & Mouse & Save £3

    Within the configuration page, scroll down to the Keyboard section and select the 'Logitech Cordless Desktop EX110' option. Then scroll down to the Mouse section and select the 'Mouse Included in Wireless Keyboard and Mouse' option - You then have yourself a great Cordless Keyboard and Mouse set and a discount of approx £3

    This seems to work on any Dell Vostro


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    Enthusiast bad_bob00
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    Would the mouse still be included with the bundle then?

    Is this a good computer? (Just needed for internet and basic tasks).

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    Member marcowil
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    Just checked via Google and this keyboard and mouse sell for less than £20 anyway

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    Rpoints Elite moo_juice
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    Was wondering if anyone has bought the 200ST (slimline) Vostro? Does this base unit accept any pci-e gfx card or is the space limited. Then theres the wattage.

    Would this card fit: http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/129873/rb/0

    (the reviewers mention 400w min)
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