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Thread: Trading Rules

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    Trading Rules


    1. All traders must be 18 or over. All items sold must be genuine products, no bootlegs, pirates, porn or copies of any kind on any form of media are allowed to be sold or traded. No animals (dead or alive), firearms, drugs, tobacco or chipped/modded consoles or games allowed to be traded/sold either. Anyone found to be selling fake items will invoke a permanent ban.

    2. As long as the item in question is legal and in good taste, then generally it may be sold or traded. Furthermore, any classifieds thread can be edited or removed at the sole discretion of the moderators and administrators of Rpoints. Their decision is non-negotiable and final.

    3. No wholesale/bulk trading is allowed on the forum - only 5 of any identical item are allowed to be sold per person in any 30 day period.

    4. Each item listed should have AS EXACT A DESCRIPTION as possible e.g. If you are selling a DVD please specify which region it is as some people may not have a multi-region player or do not understand the difference. Please include your own photographs of the item(s) you are selling or an external link with pictures. Also, please provide your geographical location at the bottom of your first post. Please include information on condition, origin and packaging.

    5. (i) All sale threads must include a price. Nobody is allowed to say offers over £10 only etc, an exact price must be given at all times. All sales prices must be inclusive of postage and packaging charges. Please specify what service you will be offering (e.g. 1st class, special delivery etc) in BOLD when listing. If other services are available at an extra cost, please say so.

    (ii) If you have a sale ONLY thread [meaning you are not offering the item for trade also], the first offer of the asking price must secure the sale, as the seller cannot accept an offer higher than the asking price. This will stop bidding wars for highly sought after items.

    (iii) If the seller offers any items to a certain member at a certain price then that member has first refusal at that price. The minimum period for an offer is 48 hours. Otherwise, if a price is lowered, all earlier offers no longer count and that price becomes the new asking price.

    (iv) If you are prepared to sell or trade and one person offers the asking price and another offers goods you would like to trade, then which one you go for is up to you.

    6. Please keep all talk of sales on the thread until a final price and conditions have been met. PM and email should be used to finalise deals only (e.g. to give bank details, address details etc.)

    7. To modify an earlier offer that has not been acknowledged, whether increasing or reducing it, please post again. Do not just edit your earlier post.

    8. Only make an offer if you are serious about buying or trading for that item. People who repeatedly make offers to trade or buy and who do not complete their transactions shall be banned, either temporarily or permanently at the moderator’s discretion. Withdrawing from sales/trades which you have committed to is not in keeping with the friendly nature of this site and will not be tolerated.

    9. Please indicate if your items are available for sale/trade elsewhere.

    10. You may run a maximum of one "for sale" thread, and one "wanted" thread until the expiry of any previous threads.

    11. (i) No thread spoiling is allowed. Please do not use the trade threads as a discussion area. Keep all posts relevant to the sale or trade of the items listed. All posts deemed unnecessary by the moderator will be removed.

    (ii) If somebody is selling an item which you locate cheaper for sale on a commercial site in NEW condition anywhere else, please post a link to that lower price to corroborate your findings. Note that listing to eBay links will not be allowed. However, only do this if you are genuinely interested in participating in a trade - otherwise it will be considered to be thread spoiling and a temporary ban may be issued at the discretion of the moderators.

    12. Only 1 bump is permitted in any 24 hour period. Please do not artificially try and keep your thread at the top of the sale/trade page. If there is no interest in your items then consider lowering the price.

    13. Only post a sale/trade thread if you intend checking it on a regular basis, preferably daily, but definitely every 2 days. Once people make an offer for goods, they expect to hear back from you quickly.

    14. All items sent must have a minimum of a certificate of postage. This may be requested to resolve any potential disputes between users. Any high value items are recommended to be sent recorded/special delivery.

    15. Sellers to include their return address on the back of the package

    16. Please take all possible steps to ensure the person you are trading with is genuine. The best advice is that you request a landline telephone number and address where you can contact that person to confirm their credentials. If you think that you have been defrauded, please report this to a moderator or administrator ASAP who will assist you as best they can. Please note, however, Rpoints cannot accept any liability for any losses incurred from the use of the trade forum but will take appropriate steps to reach a resolution. If a trader is found to be fraudulent, it will be treated as a criminal matter and all the information available about that trader will be disclosed to the injured party.

    17. Also, it is advisable if purchasing/selling high priced items that you post via insured methods to enhance safety. Goods sold remain THE SELLER'S responsibility until RECEIVED by the buyer, hence why it is advisable to send via methods where tracking/insurance are available.

    PLEASE NOTE: Rpoints and its staff accept NO RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER for classifieds sales. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to take all reasonable steps to verify that your trading partner is genuine.

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    Moderator nina_c79
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    After all the calls for a trading forum it is a shame that a minority amongst us cannot act like adults. For that reason alone, I will remind you all that anyone trying to abuse the system or cause trouble will not be tolerated and punished accordingly.

    You should know by now I am a fair person, so respectfully, please don’t take the mick. A lot of work has gone into this forum and I’ll be damned if a small minority is going to spoil it for others.

    Also take note, if you have a grievance or a query, PM a moderator about it. Don’t take it upon yourself to air your grievances in comments on your thread/create a new thread.


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