We are watching the Peregrine Falcons who are nesting on the spire of Norwich Cathedral (a special area that was attached to be precise).

On the site there is a forum and I learned the sad news that the pair on webcam in Nottingham which had hatched 4 chicks have lost 3 of them due to the bad weather.

I went to read more about it and found that after the webcam had been turned off "to avoid upsetting children". It is now back on and they have high hopes for the remaining chick.

It beggars belief that the camera is turned off to stop children getting upset. Death happens and you cannot always protect children. Far better for them to learn the facts before it is a human being they are fond of that dies.

I remember a few years back a family near me had 3 teenage sons and a 7 year old daughter. Sadly one of the boys was killed in a car accident. The girl was upset but coped extremely well. A few months later a teenage friend who had cancer but was thought to be doing OK suddenly died. The girl went to pieces. As the Doctor explained to her confused parents, "You said her brother had gone to Heaven to be with Jesus. She has only just realised that going to Heaven does not mean like a holiday. She now knows her brother is not coming back."

If that family had pets like a hamster the child would have learnt the sad fact that beloved pets die. And she would have understood what death meant.

I am sure they turned off the cameras with the best of intentions but children need to know the facts of life. Many birds and animals have young that do not survive. And, tragically, so do humans. Giving children a sanitisied view of the world is not in their best interests. If a real tragedy hits the family a child who is aware of death will cope better than one who is not aware.