Starts: 14/05/2012 Expires: 13/06/2012
Starts Monday and Includes the following:
PAYG Mobiles, Accessories, Home phones
Garden and Bbq (exludes DIY)
Small Domestic Electrical & Personal electrical
eg. Kettles, microwaves, irons, vacs (incl dysons), electric shavers, hair dryers etc (excludes white goods)
Ipods, headphones, dab radios, Hifi's
Digital Cameras & Sat Navs
All Baby Food, Nappies, Wipes, Accessories, Toys etc (Just excludes baby Milk)
Toys, Bikes & Camping (Excludes Entertainment & Consoles)
Opticians Purchases
All pet food
Furniture (Exludes appliances and Bathroom)

excludes ipads, kindles, laptops or Tv's